Based in Melbourne, Aimee is a versatile singer and acoustic guitarist renowned for crafting personalised musical experiences and setting captivating atmospheres at weddings, private events and functions. With a dynamic repertoire ranging from soulful ballads to high-energy anthems, she effortlessly navigates between creating relaxed backgrounds for intimate gatherings and igniting the dance floors with upbeat sing-alongs.

Drawing from a diverse musical palette, Aimee infuses each performance with passion and authenticity, tailoring the setlist to suit the mood and ambiance of any occasion. 

aimee fox wedding packages

Ceremony - Canapés Set - 2 Sets at Reception 

Pre-Ceremony Preparation: Arriving an hour before the ceremony, Aimee takes charge of setting up both the ceremony and reception speakers, ensuring seamless audio quality throughout your event.

Ceremony Highlights: Equipped with a battery-powered speaker, Aimee creates magical moments during the ceremony. She can serenade you down the aisle with her soulful vocals and acoustic guitar. Following this, she seamlessly transitions into playing 2-3 songs of your choice, adding a personal touch as you sign papers and then leave the ceremony - married!

Canapés & Chill Vibes: Moving to the canapés section, couples often request chilled-out songs during this phase, setting the perfect backdrop for conversations and mingling.

Dinner & Celebration: The last two sets of the evening are where the magic continues. Aimee tailors the music to your preferences, often starting with a similar chilled vibe during dinner. As the night progresses, she seamlessly integrates speeches, the first dance, and then ramps up the energy with two exhilarating ‘party’ sets. This carefully curated flow ensures that the celebration builds to a crescendo, leaving everyone on the dance floor with unforgettable memories.














Canapés Set - 2 Sets at Reception  

Please see package 1, minus the ceremony. 

3 Sets at Reception   
Pre-Reception Setup: Aimee, your musical guide for the evening, arrives an hour before the reception to set up and ensure impeccable sound quality for your event.

Reception Sets: The three sets of musical magic that Aimee brings to your reception can be tailored to suit your preferences and the flow of your celebration. Many couples opt for a relaxed, ‘chilled’ set during dinner, setting a harmonious tone for conversations and shared moments. This set seamlessly transitions into pivotal moments such as speeches and the first dance.

Dinner & Celebration: As dinner unfolds and speeches resonate, Aimee’s music sets the perfect backdrop. Then, as the night progresses, Aimee ramps up the energy with two exhilarating ‘party’ sets, ensuring that the dance floor remains lively and the celebration reaches its peak.